Toddler Thanksgiving Craft

Here's an educational twist on a popular toddler Thanksgiving craft. The “Thankful ABC Tree” craft is a fun activity that can be worked on throughout the month of November. Children fill in one leaf a day with something that they are thankful for, and try to use each letter of the alphabet.

By Thanksgiving day, you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving decoration created by your kids – one that comes directly from their heart!

Instructions For Toddler Thanksgiving Craft

1. Cut a tree trunk out of brown construction paper, or find a small tree branch that has smaller stems sticking off of it, so that it looks like a mini-tree.

2. Cut small leaves from red, brown, orange and green construction paper.

3. Each day, fill in one leaf with the word of something you are thankful for. Try to fill in a leaf for each letter of the alphabet. You can begin with any letter you want, but you can only use it once!

4. After each leaf is filled in, add it to the tree.

5. On Thanksgiving, share your “Thankful ABC Tree” with friends and family.

** If you are using this craft with a younger child or toddler, you can take this opportunity to teach them one letter a day! Choose a simple word that starts with the day's letter – something that you want to teach them to be thankful for. You could write the word on the leaf for them and allow them to “write” on or decorate the leaf as well, or you could make dotted trace lines and allow them to trace over the letters, writing the word themselves, depending on their age or ability!

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As another idea, how about make an Indian headdress.

Thanksgiving is a great time for adults and for children to make an Indian headdress. As you all know Indians were part of that history and a headdress is one way your preschooler can say thank you to them for their part in our history and freedom.

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