Daniel Bible Crafts

Use my Daniel Bible Crafts to teach your toddler about trusting God, healthy eating, strong bodies and enjoy making a lion mask with them.

Read the story of Daniel, and his three friends, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah to your toddler. Draw out the point that even in the midst of danger they still chose to honour God by eating only what they knew was permissible. Talk about how God honoured them in making their bodies strong due to their obedience.

Daniel Bible Crafts Paper Plate Food

You will need a paper plate, old magazines, scissors and glue.

Page through magazines together and cut out pictures of food that your toddler likes. As you go talk about food choices and whether the ones you have chosen are good ones or not. Can you eat them in moderation? Should they be avoided totally?

Stick the healthy choices onto you paper plate. Tonight can you perhaps make this healthy meal with your toddler?

Growing strong bodies
Mom this activity is more for you, this age of computers and virtual entertainment the job for moms is doubly tough to ensure our children's bodies get the right food and exercise. Choose some of my gross motor skill activities for your toddler to do every day.

Ensure that you take them to playgrounds where they can clamber and climb. Get them to take nature walks with you and encourage healthy habits. This in turn will free your own stress.

Show me game
Teach your toddler their bodies parts by asking them to “Show me your ankle/knee/wrist/hips”.

Simon says game
Simon says is a wonderful way to get your children to twist and turn, hop and jump. Even little ones can do simple “Simon says” instructions.

Sensory activities
Try some of these sensory activities

Butchers paper person
See church as a body craft for full instructions.

Lion mask
If this article on Daniel Bible crafts has inspired you. Read the story of Daniel in the lion's den to your toddler. As you do this lion mask talk to your toddler about obedience. Daniel trusted God and obeyed Him which was why God sent His angels to protect him while in the lion's den.

You will need a paper plate, elastic, two hole punch, crayons, yellow card, scissors and glue.

Let your toddler colour the paper plate with brown and yellow crayon. Show them how to use dark brown lines around the edge to make a mane. Cut out eyes and punch two holes near the ears. Thread the elsatic through the holes. Add on other facial features and two triangles of yellow for ears.

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