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Welcome to toddler activities at home...where we will help you achieve your goals with your tiny tots!

We have advice on parenting, behavior, potty training, parties, tantrums, treasure hunts and a whole load of activities for your little one. Welcome to your survival kit for the toddler in your life.

This age group can be incredibly challenging, but at the same time an enormous amount of fun.

Remember to bookmark us, as it won't be long before the domestic war cry "I'm boooooored" replaces the emotional ups and downs of these younger years. 

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Science Activities

Whether you are looking for...

Toddler Activities To Experience At Home

You will find it all here! Not only that, but this information is shared by a mom (yes me) that has had 4 toddlers herself.

My four "toddlers" are now bigger, but are still at home with me as we are a homeschooling family.

And I still remember the times when I needed encouragement, help and ideas to give them the best that I could when they were toddlers.

This site sets out to help you receive all of these things...ideas, encouragement and help for the toddler years.

For the purposes of this site toddlers are from 1 year until 3 years, although some pages are relating to preschoolers. This is the fun busy stage just after infancy. For some it is also the difficult time commonly called the "terrible two's" but I do hope that after visiting this site and implementing some of the ideas here on routine, training and activities, you will find these years to be full of precious memories.


"The mother's heart is the child's schoolroom."

Henry Ward Beecher

The All Important Window For Help With Toddler Activities

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