Toddler Tantrums
Are Just A Fact Of Life

Toddler tantrums are a fact of life - but there is a lot you can do to reduce how often they happen and how long they last.

Triumphing over tantrums may take a while, but it is a realistic goal - and it will give you confidence to cope with behaviour problems throughout your toddler's childhood and adolescence.

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For Toddler Tantrums, 2 Things You Should Know About Distraction

Disneyland Not Required

There is no need to make wild promises to distract your child: the sun or the moon, or even new toys/chocolate bars are all surplus to requirements.

The great thing about this age group is their enthusiasm for even the most basic everyday things. Make no mistake: a cardboard box, if used in the right way, can be an excellent distraction for any toddler.

Variety's The Spice Of (An Easy) Life
Many parents and carers are used to using distraction on a basic level – ‘Oh, look - is that a cat over there?’ This is great, but is not always enough to snap kids out of tantrum rage.

What you need is a variety of interesting distraction strategies at the ready for those festive meltdowns. If you know how to surprise and make your toddler curious enough to forget what she was screaming about, she will be putty in your hands.

Try These 2 Little Action Steps

1. Observe your toddler today and note 2 household objects they are interested in.

2. Secondly, what makes them laugh? What everyday objects could you use to distract your child in a funny way – for example making a wooden spoon talk etc.

3 Things To Remember

  1. All tantrums are a normal part of toddler development.
  2. Not all tantrums are exactly the same - you might think your little one is furious at you during every meltdown, but some have completely different causes.
  3. Understanding this difference will help you deal better with each individual outburst.

What Is A Tantrum?

A tantrum happens when the child is overwhelmed by feelings that she cannot control. Sometimes it is possible to spot the warning signs: her face screwed up in frustration while trying to open the toy box, or the increasingly frantic attempts to open the fridge (ah, those pesky child locks!).

What Can I Do About My Child's Outbursts?

There is a lot you can do to reduce the impact tantrums have on your family.Toddlers are challenging, but the great news is that they are very predictable, and very easy to influence. This means that what works for one toddler tantrum will be effective for most.

Seek medical advise, if you feel your child's outbursts are not the norm.

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