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Use this simple toddler prayer craft to encourage your toddler to pray for their family and friends. Teaching our little ones to pray can begin as naturally as saying bedtime prayers with them each night. It also is something for them to see anytime you face a difficulty or want to give the Lord praise.

When I think of teaching a toddler or preschooler about prayer I always remember the story of Susannah Wesley with her hordes of little ones around her …when she needed to pray she would throw her apron over her face and pray …right there as she was working.

Our children need to know that God is there the entire time ready to commune with His people whom He loves.

Toddler Prayer Craft

You will need: thick tempura paint mixed and placed in a shallow tray, white card, white paper, scissors, happy face stickers, two hole punch and string or raffia.

Cover your working area with newspaper and make sure your toddler has old clothes on or is covered with a simple apron. Let them dip their hands into the paint. Help them to make two hand prints (left and right) on the white card. Set aside and wait for them to dry. (Just a note…if working with paint and little ones is not for you rather trace your children’s hands onto coloured card)

While you are waiting, trace around their hands and then cut out 4 hand templates from white paper.

Chat with them as you go about people you can pray for. Do you have family or friends that are ill? Do they have a friend they can pray for? Write their names on the pages (hand templates) you have made but leave space in between for the happy face sticker for when their prayers are answered.

When the handprints are dry, cut them out. Now align all the pages together and punch a hole in the left side. Tie with string or raffia, loose enough for the pages to open.

You can use this prayer craft book with your toddler at bedtime or during devotion time in the morning. Remember to add the stickers when their prayers are answered. 

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