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Free play with water

On a warm day set out different size containers and as far as possible different shapes. Fill up a kiddie’s pool with water and place a table close to the pool with the containers within arms reach. Make sure you have a jug or two for your toddler. Let them pour and measure and have fun with this water experiment.

Directed play with water

Set out small quantities of these items in different containers:

  • Vegetable oil
  • Dish washing liquid
  • Milk
  • Vinegar
  • flour
  • Bath salts

Copy This Preschool Science

Place a large bowl of water nearby and allow your preschooler to mix different quantities with water. Change the water when it gets too mucky. Ask questions like:

“Do you think water and flour will mix well?”
“How about water and oil?”

Do not leave your child alone with this activity – you will end up with a huge mess and if they choose to try some of their concoction – a sore tummy!

Make ice lollies!

This is a favourite with my children, even though the learning aspect has long since been understood they still love making ice lollies!

Purchase lolly molds next time you see some and with your preschooler mix a strong pure fruit juice/water mixture and freeze. If you do this early in the morning you should have a lolly to enjoy after lunch with them.

Talk about the properties of water and how it can change from solid to liquid to gas.

Do an ice cube experiment. Place one ice cube in various places, such as in the sun, in the shade, on the kitchen table and in the fridge. Then get your youngster to keep an eye on each of them, to see which will melt first and why. They will have great fun watching a race of melting ice. Keep the questions flowing, why is that one melting faster, slower or the same pace.

Floating and sinking

Be sure to visit my Noah’s Ark Craft pages to see my floating and sinking games as well as how you can create a rainbow from a glass of water!

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