Preschool Science Activities_

Preschool science activities_Air helps your child to learn the basic qualities of air with these activities.

Exploring the natural world is exciting for children, and understanding movement, electricity and the weather gives you plenty of fun science games and experiments to perform.


Magnets and Light

Preschool Science Activities_Air

Feeling air

Air is all around us all the time but preschoolers and toddlers won’t really think about this fact. But they will think about it when the wind blows and they can feel it!

Collect empty squeezable bottles. Rinse them well and let them dry out. Let your preschooler squeeze them onto their arm and feel the air being forced out of the bottle.

You can ask questions like:

“Is there anything in the bottle?”
“What is it that you are feeling on your arm?”

Preschool Science Activities_Air
Try Moving and Floating Air

Moving air

Use this template to make a dancing snake. Print it out onto normal paper. This preschool science activity shows how hot air rises.

Cut out your snake on the lines and tie a thin thread to the end. Hold it by the thread over a light bulb in a lamp that is switched on. The snake should begin to bounce.

Explain to your toddler that even though they cannot see the air moving it is going upwards which causes the snake to move.

Preschool Science Activities_Air


You will need some feathers, inflated balloons and two sheets of paper – one scrumpled into a ball the other flat.

Clear a space in a room for your preschooler as this can become quite a busy activity. From a height let your toddler drop each item and watch them float one at a time.

Thereafter play a guessing game about which will get to the ground first. (The ball of paper will as it has the least amount of contact with air and therefore not the same surface area for the air to hold up.


Clean air is vital to all life. One way to see if air has lots of oxygen in it is to look for signs of lichen growing on tree limbs. You can also keep an eye out for bird and insect life. Explain to your preschooler that cars, factories and the creating of electricity all put bad substances into the air which affects health and nature.

Together think of ways that you can save electivity and thus reduce your part in pollution. Some ideas:

  • Do not leave lights burning when you leave a room
  • Do not stand with the refrigerator door open
  • Switch off appliances when not in use at the plug if they have a pilot light
  • Have a shallower bath or shorter shower
  • Bake when you plan to have your oven on for dinner instead of heating up the whole oven for one item.

Preschool Science Activities_Air

This interactive weather station allows children to track and record wind, rain and temperature. It includes some extreme weather fun facts and information and a Weather Board to record weather facts.

There are also five weather related experiments ranging from a weatherman challenge to weather predictions using Crickets!

Check your age appropriate

Physical Processes

Introducing kids to the mysteries of weather, and learning about extreme weather and wind speed, temperature and rainfall can be fascinating. You can even get some basic and inexpensive weather kits designed for younger children

Exploring electricity is also mind blowing for children, and simple battery circuits with bells, lights and switches are both safe and easy to make.

Using these circuit kits you will be able to compare the brightness or color of lights and the loudness or pitch of sounds. And as your child's skill grows you can get more complex and challenging circuit boards for them to construct.

If you have enjoyed Preschool Science Activities_Air, then try Magnets and Light.

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