Toddler Creation Craft

This creation craft is a visual way to teach your toddler the 6 days of creation.

Wheel Creation craft

1 12 - 18 months
2 18 - 24 months
3 24 + months

Set up
1 quick
2 planning required

Clean up
1 quick
2 mess involved

(Guidelines 2-1-2+)

You will need:

2 large pieces of cardboard
Magazines to cut up
Safety Scissors
Glue Stick
Brad (split pin)
Silver Glitter pen
Array of colours of felt tip pens or crayons
Various colours of cardstock

Trace two identical large circles on the cardboard. Cut them out.
Divide one of them into 8 equal sections.
On the other circle cut out one eight – this will be a “peep through” window.

Look through your magazines and together cut out pictures of:

Flying creatures (birds, insects, pterodactyls)
Land creatures and humans
Sea creatures

If you don’t have magazines then use clipart. In 6 of the eighths allocate one day of creation. You will have two left over.

First Section - let your little one colour it black or stick some black card. Use your silver glitter pen to write: “In the beginning God spoke to the darkness.”

Second section (Day 1) - on the white board write in black: “Let there be light”, and let your child color the area in yellow.

Third section (Day 2) – Cut out a wavy pattern from your blue card to represent the oceans. Stick this one. Write: "God created the ocean."

Fourth Section (Day 3) – Colour this section brown and green and stick your plant pictures here. Write: “God made the land and plants.”

Fifth Section (Day 4) – From yellow card cut out a circle for the sun, stars and a crescent moon. Let your child stick them on and you can write: “God made the sun, moon and stars.”

Sixth section (Day 5) – Stick your flying creatures and swimming creatures into this section. Write" “God made the flying and swimming creatures.”

Seventh Section (Day 6) – Stick your pictures of the land creatures and people. Write: “God made animals and man and woman.”

Eighth section (Day 7) – Now you need to be creative…find a picture of something that will show rest. What does your little one associate with rest? Do they have a special blanket? What about a picture of a hammock? Tell them that this was the day that God ceased His work of creating our earth and all it contains…Write: “God saw it was good and He rested.”

Once each section is completed, take your circle with the piece missing and attach it to the top of the decorated circle with a brad. Tell your little one the creation story as you move the wedge around.

NOTE This is quite a long activity so be sure to watch your child for waning attention. Rather split it into a few sections that force project completion.

A lovely screen show about creation can be seen here at Truth 4 Kids

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