Learn the Best Way to Help Kids with a Visual Learning Style

Does your child predominantly display traits of a visual learning style? Do any of these characteristics sound familiar? 

Teaching reading to a visual learner is much easier if you understand how to communicate with them. 

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Common Characteristics of Visual Learners:

  • Learn by watching
  • Envisions images of the past when trying to remember
  • Likes to have paper and pens handy
  • Daydreams frequently
  • Doodles while listening
  • Fascinated with machines
  • Notices details
  • May be quiet and deliberate
  • Thinks primarily in pictures
  • Can learn complex concepts more easily than easy skills
  • Must visualize words in order to spell them
  • Prefers keyboarding to writing
  • Creates unique methods of organization
  • Comes up with the correct solution to a problem intuitively
  • Is turned off by repetition
  • Can be very sensitive to the attitudes of others
  • Are less distracted by noise because they’re less aware of sound
  • Tend to speak faster with quickly grouped words
  • Often sit forward in their chair
  • Appearance is important to them 

Kids with visual learning styles are good at:

  • Reading and spelling
  • Remembering visual details
  • Art and drawing
  • Reading maps, charts, and diagrams
  • Doing puzzles
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Imagination & creativity
  • Relating well to space
  • Complex concepts
  • Long term visual memory
  • Mechanical and technical abilities

Visual learners face challenges with the following:

  • Remembering verbal direction
  • Sometimes struggles with easy skills
  • Misses the details (sees the big picture)
  • Grades
  • Some children have speech problems
  • Don’t usually like to talk in class  

Most school curriculums work best for kids with predominant auditory learning styles, but this is changing as more technology and teaching aids are focusing on visual stimulation. Do you know the best way to help your visual learner?  

How you can help children with a visual learning style:

  • Encourage games such as Legos, puzzles, and board games
  • Suggest visual images when reading to them
  • Read them picture books
  • Use videos and computers as teaching aids
  • Use colored pens and pencils when encouraging them to write
  • Make use of flash cards
  • Draw with them
  • In a classroom situation, have them sit in front in order to minimize as much distraction as possible
  • Visually highlight key words to help them read
  • Change words and ideas into pictures and diagrams to help them organize information
  • Act out or demonstrate stories
  • Provide a clean and organized environment with very little visual distractions
  • Allow them to point if necessary - Let them touch the letters of the words as they read
  • Give one set of instructions at a time
  • Have them look for words, letters and pictures in newspapers and magazines

What books are best for kids with a visual learning style?

  • Picture books
  • Adventure books
  • Mystery books
  • Books that are challenging

What games are best for visual learners?

  • Puzzles
  • Board games
  • Legos
  • Computer games

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