Fun toddler activities
Activities for 2 year olds

Use these fun toddler activities to do something productive and educational with your little one. Terrible twos? There is no need for things to change now that you have hit the second year of your toddlers life. With ongoing love and boundaries you need not fear this time. 

Use these activities to do something productive and educational with your two year old. For fun toddler activities for indoors and outdoors read through my ideas for 1 year olds. These can be used for all ages. Be sure to look at my 2 year old toy recommendations too!

Establishing your child in your faith begins to happen now. They can learn so many character building lessons through my Bible craft ideas

Toddler themes
Coming soon...A reasonably priced E-book for moms so that they can do fun easy themes with their toddler at home. These themes are designed for moms with toddlers between 2 and 3 years of age, but can be used gently with younger toddlers or in conjunction with a early learning program: ABC Fun & 123

Toddler fine motor activity
A selection of fine motor activities for your toddler which you can do at home.

Gross motor
Here is a great selection of gross motor activities for your toddler that can happen at home with ease.

Toddler midline activities
Learning to cross the "midline" is an important skill for all children. Some children who end up in occupational therapy later in their school careers have just not learnt to cross their midline. These easy activities will prevent this situation.

Toddler sensory activity
Introducing your child to their senses with these fun toddler sensory activities helps them understand how their whole body works together to keep them safe and allows them to get information from their environment.

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