Thanksgiving Decorations

Make these easy toddler Thanksgiving decorations with your children to let the joy of thanksgiving permeate your home!

Make a Fall color decorative paper chain.
Cut strips of cardstock about 2 inches wide in the following colors: red, brown, dark green, yellow and orange. You will need about 10 of each color.

Make a loop with one of them and staple or glue the ends together. Thread another color strip through the first loop and staple or glue it’s ends together. Continue alternating all the color strips until you have used them all.

Hang this over the mantelpiece, over a door frame or in the window as a decoration.

Make a Fall leaf mobile Thanksgiving Decorations

These look lovely if you hang a whole lot of them in a window.

Collect some fallen dry leaves. Try to get a variety of colors and shapes.

Take some string and tie one leaf to the end. Then loop the string a little further down to make a slip knot and put the stem of the next leaf through. Keep going until you have 10 – 15 leaves per string.

On the end of the string after the last leaf you can add a little bell or shiny bead to catch the breeze or sun in the window.

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