Circus Activities Colourful And Happy

Circus Activities are such fun for kids. Teach the kids about the Earth and introduce some recycling and environmentalism while remaining age-appropriate.

On this page you will find, craft and puppet ideas. Circus party help.

Links to Free circus invitation, colouring pages and so many suggestions.

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What Will You Do For Circus Activities

Have a Circus Party

You toddler or children are having a bit of a lull day in their imagination. Why not  have a letter C day and arrange a circus party? It’s pretty easy to accomplish and the kids will have a blast.

A circus party can be a lot of fun for all involved. It’s a great way to give back imagination to your preschoolers and let them know you are proud of them. Tell them thank you and enjoy them as they become wide eyed and excited over their wonderful circus party.

Download This Invitation.... See Opposite

Download this simple circus party invitation from this page, let the kids decorate with their own style. Then either pin it to the wall, or let them give them out.

You could prearrange the party for tomorrow's letter C day, or jump right in.

Here are some great suggestions.

Circus Animals

If you have stuffed animals or know someone who does, bring those into your circus arena  to help with the decorations. Better yet, ask each child to bring one from their room. Set them up all around the room. Use the chairs in the room to make a circus train. Place the stuffed animals on the chairs to fill the train.

Use boxes to make cages for the animals. Place the stuffed animals inside so the children will have an idea of how they manage the animals in a circus. Through in a little straw to give it the real sense of a circus animal cage.

Snacks To Go With Your Circus Activities

Animal crackers are still a big hit with children and a great letter C. Purchase a large bag of animal crackers and give some to each child. Cracker Jacks are also a great circus snack. What circus would be complete without popcorn and peanuts? Fix some microwave popcorn and serve it, along with peanuts in their shells to the children in brown paper lunch bags that you have colored with red and white stripes. This will definitely make it an authentic circus snack.

Think allergies!

Print Out Fun Circus Activities.... See Opposite For The Link

Circus Clown

Most important of all don’t forget the clown. Dress yourself up as a clown or if you just can’t see yourself as a clown see if you can find an older child who would be willing to do this for your group. Be sure they have balloons and make them into those great balloon animals to hand out to the kids if you know how.

Go to this page to get this simple clown face to colour in.

Puppet Activities For Circus Fun

Remember the fun of playing with puppets? Remember how much fun it was to make your own puppets? Here are some creative ideas for introducing puppets to your young children. Get ready to act out your favorite stories using your own puppet pals!

My Puppet Mirror

Puppets are not only fun to make but can teach dexterity and creativity, as well as being a tool to use in future learning experiences. Not only can puppets teach children they also can give you, as the parent, insight into any issues or difficulties a young child may be experiencing.

You will need enough paper plates for each child to have two. Tape or glue the two paper plates together, eating side in, to create a pouch. Do not connect the plates together completely. Leave 1/3 of the plates open as to allow the child to insert their hand inside the pouch. Provide kids with scraps of colored paper, strips of cloth, crayons, glue sticks and any other items that can be used to decorate their puppets.

Have the kids close their eyes for about 30 seconds. (If Possible) Ask them to think about what they look like. Have them open their eyes and instruct them to decorate the plates as they see themselves.

Once the puppets are complete, have the kids print their name on a small rectangular piece of paper, if able. If not then you complete this task. The paper with their name will be used as a name plate. Use a hole punch to place two holes at the bottom of the front plate where the child's hand will be inserted inside the plate. Then place two holes in the name plate. Use two strands of yarn to connect the name plate to the puppets head. Everyone will know just who each puppet represents. Get one for other people, like grandparents, they will be thrilled.

Use the puppets to decorate the room. Be sure to have them handy to use in future learning activities.

Also great as a new baby activity. What will the new baby look like. Get your child to do a special puppet showing the face of the new brother or sister. This will help to involve your child, let them know that they are part of the whole process and hopefully prevent any sibling rivalry.

Fruit and Veggie Puppets

Fresh fruits and veggies make great spur of the moment puppets. Hold the fruit or veggie by the bottom and use straight sticks to attach a scrap of cloth around it so your hand is hidden. Attach a facial features cut from construction paper. Almost any kind of firm fruit or veggie will work great. Discuss good eating habits with your children.

Or for ease just draw on the veg with water based pens. 

Rubber Glove Puppet

Wash and dry an old rubber glove. Draw facial features on each finger with a Sharpie marker. Use the Rubber Glove Puppet while telling a multi-character story such as ‘The Three Little Pigs’ or ‘This Little Piggie’

Wooden Spoon Puppets

Use markers to draw faces on wooden ice cream spoons, if you would prefer not to destroy your kitchen ones. Glue on felt or paper clothing. Add yarn for hair. Use with the Puppet Stage below for your circus activities day.

Bottle Puppet

Rinse and dry an empty liquid dishwashing detergent bottle and discard the cap. Hold the bottle upside down. Glue a piece of fabric around the bottom 2/3 of the bottle, leaving the top 1/3 uncovered for a face. Draw eyes, nose and a mouth on the face part of the bottle. Glue pieces of yarn to the top of the bottle for hair.

Puppet Stage

For circus activities collect a rectangle pop-up tissue box. Cut out one of the long sides of the box. Hold the box so that the cutout opening is at the bottom and the oval opening is toward the audience. Insert any small puppets, such as the Wooden Spoon Puppets above, through the bottom of the box so they show through the oval opening. Act out your favorite nursery rhyme or fairy tale!

Infact almost anything can be made into a puppet.

It's your imagination that creates the theme, great for circus activities.

Now Try These Easy Puppet Crafts

Great For Circus Activities

Try this jellyfish for your puppet show

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