Reading Motivation Tips for Parents
Learn How to Turn Reluctant Learners
into Exceptional Learners

Reading motivation comes much easier to kids who have been exposed to books and reading from a very early age. To these children it is second nature and just a natural part of their lives.

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When you try to start teaching reading at an older age your kids may rebel; after all, the television or a video game is much more mesmerizing to a child brainwashed by its mind numbing effects.

10 Ways to Build Learner Motivation

  1. Experiment with different kinds of books on different subjects. Let your kids pick out their own books.

  2. Make sure children experience success when reading to build their self confidence. You can read the same book over and over so they get really good at reading that particular book. This success will give them the confidence to go on to something else.

  3. Encourage your kids to discuss the books they’re reading. Show them how much you value their opinions.

  4. Have a separate area for reading in your home and make it fun and inviting. A big cozy reading chair, fun colors, lots of light. Put bookshelves up with plenty of books for them to choose from. Make rules such as no distractions allowed when in this designated reading area such as TV, video games, cell phones, etc. Always make this a place your kids want to be; it should never be a punishment to be in this area.

  5. Work to restore their self esteem which often erodes when kids have reading difficulties and perceived failures. This is especially true for older kids since they have the added pressure of reading in front of classmates who often tease and ridicule. Finding ways to motivate your kids during these times are especially important. This is a time for extra patience and encouragement; not criticism or punishment.

  6. Discovering the world is the ultimate reading motivation. There's an unlimited amount of amazing people, places, things, and events in the world and helping your kids discover some of them can really light a fire in them to love learning. Go on field trips to help them meet new people and discover new subjects and ideas. Show them that anything they find interesting can be learned about in books or on the internet.

  7. Show YOUR excitement and enthusiasm for reading; nothing is more important than having an eagerness to learn. Motivating learners with your own passion for reading is a powerful tool.

  8. Help your children understand the benefits of reading. Show what’s in it for them. Explain how reading can help achieve a goal; learn about a favorite subject; get a good job later on; or just simply make school easier. When kids make the connection that there’s magic in books because of the unlimited amount of information they can glean from them; that’s when you’ve created a motivated learner.

  9. Try using rewards without using bribery. Rewards are often great motivators to get your reluctant learners excited about reading. BUT there's a fine line between reward and bribery. With rewards, YOU have the upper hand; with bribery YOUR KIDS have the upper hand. Rewards can be as simple as gold stars or effusive praise.

  10. Make reading a fun and positive experience.

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