Toddler Safety Advice

This section contains valuable toddler safety advice. This list is not exhaustive, or a general overview of the most common dangers that you face with young children. It comes entirely from my experience of bringing up very lively & adventurous boys.

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Some Common Situations,
Toddler Safety Advice

Hazard #1- Wandering Free
The most scary thing I ever experienced was when my youngest Tom managed to wander out of a party I was at. This was not an easy thing to write about, but because this story has a happy ending I feel so grateful, and want to pay it forward by warning every parent out there.

Hazard #2- The Mouth
Putting things in the mouth is a natural part of exploring the world for your toddler.

I am fortunate that this has never happened to my kids, but I still need to be vigilant.

At the time of writing my youngest Tom is almost 3 and sometimes still fond of eating anything he can get his hands on.

There are, of course 2 distinct dangers with the mouth - eating harmful substances and choking.

The best way to approach this toddler danger is to treat any harmful objects and substances as if they are something that your child can and will reach for.

You can see in the video above I recommend guiding your child to do something with a coin if s/he has picked that up. This is a good tactic for other objects - can you turn the handing over of the object in question into a game?

Obviously if the object is more harmful (eg scissors) you get it away from your child ASAP.

Hazard #3- Hot Drinks
Your child being scalded by a hot drink is more likely than you think. Problems start happening when they become more mobile, and you haven't yet caught up, awareness wise. So for 18 months you have been able to safely leave a cup of coffee on the kitchen table while you feed your child, then one day you go to the sink, and she clambers up to pick up her doll.

Just as with mouth dangers mentioned above, treat all hot drinks as if they are something that your child can - and will - reach for.

Sometimes its a good idea to get down to a toddlers level, so that you can visualize all the wonderful exciting things your toddler can see and want. This is just basic toddler safety advice, as they are so resourceful. I also found this useful looking for missing items, such as car keys.

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