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Its Not About Me, Its About You. So Enjoy Your Toddler Years They Are Gone Too Soon

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As you browse about this site, you may come across articles written by other editors, this will help keep the site updated and original. As an ordinary working mum of 3, I have the same worries and pressures as most parents. Hope you will find the content useful and sometimes amusing. Remember not everything will apply, some will never work for you in a million years. These are only here as a suggestion, things tried by other Parents. You never know what is coming next with a Toddler.

So have a read of the articles, but at the end of the day, you have to do what is best for you and your family.One of the reasons for this site, is to create a passive income for me and my family. Lets face it we all need a little more. If you have a hobby,  or are holding on to years of knowledge and experience, then why don't you start your own web site. If you chose something that you enjoy, then you will enjoy adding pages as it will be your project. I had no computer skills back in 2008 when I started, and had only just been taught to copy and paste. (Strange Now But True). So check out these guys. Take a trial, once you look into what they have to offer, the value is unreal. They show you in ten days with "how to" videos what to do next. Ps. It did take me longer than 10 days to publish my first site.

One editor had a professional background is teaching youngsters with problems, most with Autism and other Special Needs. she also taught child development (ages 0-5) at a college of Further Education.

She began to notice how using professional skills to successfully manage toddler behaviour.

She realized that many of the techniques that work with youngsters with Special Needs also worked with toddlers - giving advance warnings of change such as turning the TV off; clear, brief instructions; distraction; keeping calm and being positive, etc.

This Website Has Two Goals, Its Not Just About Me, Its About You And Your Toddler

1. It helps moms of toddlers find productive activities to do with their little ones. I do hope that this time spent together brings fruit in their lives and perhaps keeps toddlers at home with their moms for as long as possible. So please consider sharing this site with moms of toddlers like yourself.

2. This website is also a way for me to generate an income while I stay at home and home school my children. I stopped working 2 months before my first child was born and have always encouraged moms to do likewise. Having an online business can be the way that this becomes a possibility for moms.

Real Advice From Real Parents

Childcare books and websites are full of great advice and explain their theories well.

However, many of them lack specific tips and ideas about dealing with tricky situations - for example they tell you to 'keep calm' if your child has a tantrum.

After 2 hours sleep, a kitchen wall adorned with your toddler's latest Weetabix painting and 3 irritating cold calls from double glazing salesmen, it seems to me that some specific suggestions are also needed in this situation!

One of the aims of this site is to fill this gap. Every child is different, so i have steered clear of turning the site into a self-indulgent advice shop.  I have backed up my own experience with research and talking to other parents.

Not every idea will work with your child. As with parenting in general, it's all a question of trial and error.

This website also gives you practical ideas on how to make the most of your time with your toddler.

Because parenting will never win the award for money saving lifestyle of the year, the emphasis is on having fun without breaking the bank.

The great thing about young children is their brilliant imagination and boundless enthusiasm for everyday things like ladders, cats and sticks.

I have thought up lots of low-cost and no-cost games and activities on this site that your child will enjoy as much as - if not more than - anything that Toys 'R' Us has to offer.

Got An Idea
Want To Build Your Own Website?
Then Keep Reading

I started my first Web Site in 2008.

So what are the main reasons for building a website?, where would you start?, how would you start?

When I use to search the web there were millions of sites, surely the world is not full of geniuses. I can do that.

What started as a cheap hobby and a learning curve, has turned into a business.

But anyways, the whole reason for making this website or the MAIN reason is a liking to blog and write about really cool toddler ideas and remedies!... 

I chose the topic of toddlers to build this site on as that is something I love writing about.

For the simple stuff anyway!

If you do think you have a web site in you waiting to be born, my only advice is to pick a subject you love, and build from there. That way you will look forward to working on it.

Everything is step by step until you are ready to take the training wheels off. Even then they are always ready to take your hand again, and lead the way. This may sound a bit too easy, well its not that, but I would not, I could not have even started if it wasn't for the sites easy way of talking to me. Either on video or a text version.

Why not give it a go, they give you a long full money back guarantee, all you have to lose is a bit of your time. But if it was on a subject you love, then no time was wasted.

So anyways, if you are by any chance looking for something similar, here is how (and where) I got started. And no, I still don't know much about coding...well, I've picked up some tips here and there)...but I still don't understand all the jibberage that geeks use when building a web page!

I wish you much success in all your endeavors as work at homers. :)

Thanks for stopping by to find out about me!


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