Thanksgiving Placemats Craft

Make these Thanksgiving placemats with your young children so that they can remember all the good things that have happened during the year. We make a similar craft each year to celebrate Spring and our children love to have them under their dinner plates.

Print out some photographs of happy memories made by your toddler and you from the past year. Make these small enough to fit onto a piece of A4 card stock.

Press some Fall leaves, make sure they are dry before you use them on the card, or if you do not have dry leaves, then leave this part of the craft out.

Help your toddler to arrange the photos and leaves on the card stock. Glue them down.

Across the top write: “I AM THANKFUL” and add the year. This is a nice tradition to repeat each year.

Take the sheet once complete to be laminated with firm plastic. These are great conversation starters for dinner time when you can start the chat with “Do you remember when that photo was taken.” This is a good way to help your toddler develop memories and verbal skills.

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