Toddler Educational Toys

Toddler educational toys - the reviews of best toddler educational toys written from a mom's perspective

Toys - 1 year old

When your toddler is just beginning to take their first steps, their play is neither necessarily creative nor imaginative. They will be more interested in mouthing objects, seeing what happens when it is bashed or knocked, and filling their memories with how things react.

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Toys - 2 year old

At 2 years of age, toddlers are starting to really play and like toys that imitate what they see in your life.

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Toddler Educational Toys - 3 year old

By 3 years of age, your toddler is beginning to play with his/her toys in a much more imaginative and creative way.

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Now that you have all these may need some toy storage tips! Take a look at my free toddler games and other developmental ideas for your toddler. provides a list of toddler activities, educational games and helpful advice for parents!

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