Toddler Food Tips

Toddler food tips- most toddlers go through a fussy food stage sometime in their early years but there are ways to make sure we can still get good foods into our children with very little stress.

Food battles are not one that any parent should fight, but they can creep up on you so quickly that the next time you sit down to a meal you find that you are your toddler are locked into a standoff with food.

Here are some simple tips and ideas for toddler food and feeding toddlers.

food Tip #1
Think fresh! Serve as much fresh food as possible. When our babies are small we tend to stew apples, pears and other fruit, but when they no longer need to have mushy food, transition to fresh fruits. Here are some fresh fruit recipes to try.

When it comes to vegetables, as soon as your toddler has teeth you can give them fresh carrot sticks, fresh peas, fresh tomatoes and fresh cucumber to munch as snack or with their meals. Try some of these fresh vegetable recipes.

Food Tip #2
Choose low fat options. Make sure you use lean cuts of meat and stay away from processed meats. Low fat cottage cheese, yoghurt and milk are also an option. However, like we all do, toddlers need healthy fats and oils in their diets which are important for proper bodily functions. These healthy oils and fats are found in nuts and seeds, cold pressed oils and avocado pears.

Food Tip #3
Stay away from salted foods. This option means you need to read your labels when buying sauces, mixes, cereals and premade meals. Check the sodium content. When cooking your own meals for you toddler, do not add salt to the food. You can add it to your portion after serving.

Food Tip #4
Sugar is another no-no for toddlers. When buying prepared items always check the sugar content as well. Stay away from sweets and treats as a rule, but allow them as a special treat every now and again. One of the biggest sugar culprits is fruit juice. Offer your toddler a glass of water instead of juice. This is not only good for their teeth and digestive system but will also stop any fruit juice dependencies.

More Toddler Food Tips

Food Tip #5
Most toddlers will not eat three meals a day but will generally prefer to eat 5 to 6 smaller meals. If you feed your toddler whole foods (where you are not using refined products but rather the whole grain or vegetable) then you will find that they will get much more energy and be sustained for longer periods of time than if you use refined high energy foods which have very little nutritional value.

Toddler Food Tip #6
Try and eat main meals with your toddler as far as possible. This allows your toddler to learn their table manners, how to converse at the table and sets good habits in place for later on.

Toddler Food Tip #7
Your goal is to have your child eating from the table around 18 months of age. With this in mind make sure that you feed your whole family on healthy homemade meals. Once you are sure that your toddler can eat most things without any intolerances or allergies, then move them onto the same food as you eat.

Toddler Food Tip #8
To supplement or not to supplement? If your toddler is having whole foods, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables preferably from an organic source, then it is highly unlikely that you will need to supplement their diets in the form of pills.

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