Free preschool activities
3 year old
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These free preschool activities for 3 year olds are designed to meet their growing developmental needs.

By now most toddlers are beginning to discover the world of letters and counting. They are intrigued with all forms of nature; love books and enjoy physical activity. These free preschool activities for 3 year olds are designed to meet these needs.

Toddler science activities

Here are some great science activities for you and your toddler which will start to spark the interest in the natural world around them.
Preschool Science Activities
Toddler Sensory Activities

Alphabet activities

Teaching ABC's to your preschooler

Free Preschool Activities
Must Include "All About Me" Crafts And Activities

Free Preschool Activities. Do An "About Me" Self Portrait

Children are all special and they need to be reminded of that.

An “All about Me” theme is the perfect way to teach children they are each unique and important. It is also great for free preschool activities. As it is something that will also be done many times at school.


Have the children draw self-portraits and frame them in a cardboard frame that says “I am Special”. They can use crayons, markers, or any art supplies on hand.

Family Tree
Help the children see that they have a history by creating a family tree. This project will need to be started at school, but sent home for mom and dad to complete.

Or have mom and dad send in pictures so you can help the children complete this family tree at school.

Baby Pictures

Have each child bring in a baby picture and make a collage of them.

I am Special Poster

Using a piece of poster board, make an “I am Special” poster. Glue the child’s name on the page, and pictures. Add their hand print in paint, and add drawings or photos of the child’s favorite things.

Of course, in a Christian setting, you could add “God Loves Me”.

Preschool Activities Are Fun, So Be Prepared,
Pick A Suggestion From The Selection Below


Be sure to look at my large craft section for creative ideas for your toddler.
Preschool Cooking Activities
Preschool Imaginary Play
3 year old toy recommendations
Toddler Music Activities
COMING SOON...Preschool Art


Preschool Math Activities that you can do naturally at home.
Understanding the seasons is one part of maths. Here are some fun seasons crafts for you and your toddlers.


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Midline activities

Learning to cross the "midline" is an important skill for all children. Some children who end up in occupational therapy later in their school careers have just not learnt to cross their midline. These easy activities will prevent this situation.

Gross motor

Here is a great selection of gross motor activities for your toddler that can happen at home with ease.

In addition to these activities above, now is the time to invest in a bicylce with trainer wheels.
Take a look at my large toy section with reviews and recommendations.

It's not hard to make a simple kite for kids. Even 3 year old kids can enjoy tugging a kite string, running with it or just observing a small kite as it darts around the sky in a light gusty breeze!

Fine motor

A selection of fine motor activities for your toddler which you can do at home can be found at this page

Additional fine motor skills are needed for you 3 - 4 year old children which can be found here

ABC Jesus Loves Me

ABC Jesus Love Me is a free preschool curriculum website. Dedicated to preparing a child for Kindergarten in a simple and non-stressful way while giving the child a solid foundation in both the Bible and education. Simplicity is the key to this Christian, Bible-based preschool site. The curriculum is basic enough for the most energetic child but allows for supplemental material to be added for the child who desires more sit-down activities. The learning is incorporated into the child's day instead of controlling their day. The key is allowing the preschooler to explore, play, and learn new things through trial and error.

Teach your toddler their
ABC's & 123's

ABC Fun & 123

The weekly lesson plans include the following preschool activities:

Letter of the week
Stencil sheets
Alphabet Collage
Pre-writing skills
Rhymes & Songs
Cooking Activities
Number fun

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