Toddler Christmas Idea

This toddler Christmas idea helps them to see the value in giving rather than receiving.

Set up
1 quick
2 planning required

Clean up
1 quick
2 mess involved

1 12 - 18 months
2 18 - 24 months
3 24 + months

Toddler Christmas Idea

(Guidelines 2-1-1)

This is a craft with a difference. Toddlers are very self focussed. They are still growing in their understanding of how their actions affect others. They also do not think of others who are less fortunate than themselves. Gratefulness is not a normal emotion for young children. This is not a fault when you are 2 or 3 years of age, but it is something that you want to train into your children as they grow.

One of the best ways to do this is through giving to others. On I share many ideas where you can encourage your toddler to think of others. Take a look at:

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But at this time of the year – the season of giving – why not make up some care packages for the under privileged?

What you will need:

Fruit boxes
Shining paper to cover them or paint to decorate them
A selection of non-perishable items like cans of food, rice, pasta, TVP and sweet treats.
Together with your toddler cover or decorate the boxes and fill them with a selection of items. The amount of boxes you create are entirely dependent on your pocket book.

Take these to families in need. You can Google charities for underprivileged or charities for children for charities in your area.

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