No More Sibling Rivalry?
Help Your Toddler Adapt

Expecting, or just had, a new baby? Worried about sibling rivalry?

For many toddlers, this is their first taste of sharing their parents - and it can be a bitter pill to swallow.

This section has tips to help you help your child cope with a new brother or sister. Plenty of topics below for you to choose from, regarding bring a newborn home.

While it's true that every toddler struggles to some extent with a newborn being around, you can do a lot to help your child at this time.

(everybody gets to have their sleep)you have more tricks up your sleeve than you probably realise. Everything here comes from my and other parents' experiences of having a second baby.

Sibling Rivalry Before The Birth

Preparing Your Toddler For A New Baby
Getting your child ready for the newborn's arrival BEFORE the birth can go a long way to helping him or her cope. Remember your toddler's whole life is about to change, they can't possibly know its a good thing, it's just change. So trickle feed them over time, about what may happen. But keep it short and sweet...

New Baby Stories
Reviews of the best newborn tales that my son liked when I was expecting baby number 2. A short personal review has been written to help you decide which book could best suit your needs...

After The Birth

Their First Meeting
Advice on how to make the first meeting between your toddler and newborn baby go as smoothly as possible. To help avoid any sibling rivalry, right from the start. This you should plan for well in advance. Because when the baby is ready it will appear. So do not leave buying your toddler a little present from the baby, it really helps to break the ice...

Your Toddler And The New Baby - Settling In
Real-life tips to help your eldest adapt to life as a big brother or sister. Do not be tempted to treat your toddler now as an adult, they are still babies, still learning, and have far more to worry about now...

Potty Training Regression an extremely common reaction to a new arrival. This page provides an insight into why toddlers regress and what can you do about it. A friend of mine recently brought home a puppy and instantly her older dog turned into a big baby. Cuddling soft toys, and weeing everywhere. So it's not just humans...

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