Moses Bible Crafts

Use these Moses Bible crafts and activities to teach your toddler and preschoolers about the life of Moses.

For mom: The lesson we can learn from God’s relationship with Moses is summed up in these words spoken by God to Moses at the burning bush: “I will be with you.” Exodus 3:12. In all we do with our children we need to rely on God for wisdom, guidance and strength, just as Moses did and God has promised us that He will be with us.

Set up
1 quick
2 planning required

Clean up
1 quick
2 mess involved

1 12 – 18 months
2 18 – 24 months
3 24 + months

Easy Moses Bible Crafts

Baby Moses

(Guidelines 2-1-1+)

You will need: Bible, Brown card, glue, scissors, white card, scrap of material and the following template. Download the instructions to make the basket from brown cardstock with visuals.

Read the story of Moses as a baby to your toddler.

Once you have created your basket you can download this baby figure and let your little one colour it in. Wrap the baby in the scrap of material and place it in the basket.

Finding Baby Moses

(Guidelines 2-1-2+)

You can use the baby from the craft above or you can buy a cheap baby doll from a toy shop and wrap it in some cloth.

Read the story of baby Moses to your toddler and then tell them you are going to play hide and seek with Moses. (You may want to limit the hiding spaces to one room.)

Take turns hiding and looking for Baby Moses.

Burning Bush Poster

(Guidelines 2-1-2+)

You will need: Bible, yellow cardstock, brown cardstock, cellophane paper in the colours of fire (red, yellow, orange), scissors and glue.

Read the story to your toddler about Moses at the burning bush. My children always like to take off their shoes when God says to Moses: "Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground."

Cut a tree trunk from the brown card, let your toddler stick it on the yellow card. Cut out flame shapes from the cellophane and stick it on the trunk. Cut out little sandals from the brown card and stick it on near the bush.

Write underneath “God will be with you!”

NOTE: For younger toddlers it is sometimes better for you to have done all the cutting before and then they can just stick the items on.

To teach your toddler about the exodus from Egypt please see my Passover Activities

Parting of the Red Sea

(Guidelines 2-1-3+)

Read the story of the Hebrews escape from the Egyptians in Exodus. Visit to download their craft for the retelling of this event.

Emphasise to your children that God promised Moses that He would be with him. Remember the burning bush craft?

10 commandment Bible lesson

(Guidelines 1-1-3+)

You will need: Bible, children’s ceramic clay (or salt dough), a wooden skewer. Read the 10 commandments to your toddler…you may need to adjust some of them to make them relevant to the child. This is what I would say when my children were younger:

1. There is only one God
2. Do not worship any other than Him
3. Treat God'’s name as special
4. Remember the Sabbath day is a day to rest
5. Obey your mom and dad
6. Do not kill
7. Remain faithful
8. Do not take what is not yours
9. Do not lie
10. Do not want what is not yours

Using your clay or salt dough fashion two tablets and then scratch the numbers 1 – 10 onto the faces. If you can you can write out an abbreviated form of the ten commandments. Bake the tablets in your oven.

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