Toddler Spring Activity
and Crafts

Enjoying the seasons change with toddler spring activity.

Spring has sprung and now it’s time to take in all the newness in the air. Here are some fun spring themed crafts you can do with your preschooler.

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Make A Bouquet Of Handprints

Bouquet of Handprint Flowers

Here’s yet another idea for using those precious little hands for something other than making a mess! Parents will love this because anything with handprints of their children show how they’ve great and are great keepsakes. This is an adorable craft that’s not too messy. You’ll need to help the children with the tracing and cutting.

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • paper plate
  • Colored construction paper (the more colors the better)
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

How to create your bouquet:

1. Trace the children’s hands at least 10 times on different colored construction paper.

2. Cut the handprints out.

3. Use the glue stick to glue the handprint outlines, with fingers pointing out, around the edges of the paper plate.

4. Glue the next set of hand outlines (again, fingers pointed OUT) a few inches inside of the first circle of hands.

5. Continue this pattern until all the handprints have been glued to the paper plate.

6. Cut a small circle out of a piece of construction paper and place it in the middle of the “flower” and fluff your petals.

7. Once  you have completed the flower, stick them all on the wall and make a kitchen flower garden or bouquet for everyone to see. When it’s time to take them down it's a great one to save.

Set up Hints For The Following Crafts and Activities.
1 quick
2 planning required

Clean up
1 quick
2 mess involved

1 12 – 18 months
2 18 – 24 months
3 24 + months

Flower arranging (Guidelines 2-2-2)

You will need an array of flowers, florist’s oasis and a plastic plate. Show your toddler how to insert the stem of the flower into the oasis. Allow them to do it their way, which will be without much planning. Water lightly and place it as a centre piece on your dinner table.

Bunny poster (Guidelines 1-1-1)

You will need green, orange and white cardstock, a black marker and cotton wool. Cut out a bunny shape from white card. Allow your little one to stick it on the green card. Take a lump of cotton wool to make a fluffy tail. Cut out a carrot shape or two for your toddler to stick on near the bunny’s mouth. Add facial features with the marker.

Toddler Spring Activity To Enjoy

Chick poster (Guidelines 1-1-1)

You will need green, yellow and white cardstock, a black marker and washed crushed eggs shells. Cut out two circles from yellow cardstock and let your child glue them on the green card. Use the marker to make the features of the chick. Put some more glue next to the chick and show your little one how to crush the eggshells and stick them to the glued area.

Flower collage place mats (Guidelines 1-1-1)

You will need green card stock (one per family member), magazines, scissors, glue. Go through the magazines with your toddler looking for pictures of flowers. Cut out as many as you can to fill your cardstock sheet. Glue them overlapping slightly to make a collage, leaving a little space at the top to write the year. Get them laminated and use them as place mats at meal times. This has been a favorite toddler spring activity in our home for years...and not even just for toddlers!

Container Gardening (Guidelines 2-2-3)

Gardening is a joy for all ages but these require a little more patience. Purchase some outdoor flower containers, potting soil and punnets of seedlings. Show your child how to add the soil to the pot and gently remove the seedling from its tray. Tuck the soil around the roots. Encourage your little one to water it daily with their own little watering can.

Beans in cotton wool (Guidelines 1-1-2)

You will need cotton wool, dry beans and a saucer. Take a piece of cotton wool large enough to cover a saucer. Let your toddler place two beans in the centre and cover with another piece of cotton wool. Let them wet the cotton wool with a little water each day and keep it on a warn windowsill. Let them watch it grow daily. When it is large enough plant it in a sheltered place outdoors.

Growing Cress (Guidelines 2-1-2)

You will need cress seeds, cotton wool, non-washable markers and large empty clean egg shells. Draw a face on your egg shells, making sure the open end is pointing upwards. Let your toddler stuff it loosely with cotton wool and sprinkle cress seeds on top. They can then water them gently and keep the cotton wool moist for a few days. Stand the shells on a warm windowsill in an egg cup. They should start to sprout after 3 days and your faces with “grow hair”. Cress is wonderful on sandwiches as you would use lettuce.

Toddler Spring Activity

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Toddler Spring Activity. Go For A Nature Walk.

Nature walk – bud spotting, baby animals (Guidelines 1-1-All ages)

The simplest and most repeatable of all toddler spring activity - pack a picnic bag and head to a safe spot where you can take a short walk and look for signs of spring in the plants, birds and animals. Enjoy a picnic and then head home.

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