Presidents Day Crafts and Activities

Presidents Day Crafts are such fun for kids. Teach the kids about the President’s and introduce some history in the process.

So What Is President's Day?

  • This is an American celebrated holiday, which occurs on the third Monday in February, every Year.
  • It all began in 1885, in recognition of President George Washington.
  • The US government call it by it's official name of "Washington's Birthday"

Presidents Day Crafts
Simple Finger Puppets

Trying to teach toddlers and preschoolers about some of our holidays can be a little bit frustrating.  What 2 or 3 year old cares about President’s Day?  They know it means something because they have heard Mom and Dad talk about it and how it has affected their day or week, but they have no idea what it’s all about.

President’s Day finger puppets are a great way to help preschoolers understand what this holiday is all about.  They are easy to make and the kids can have some fun with them while getting a little information about why we celebrate this day.

  • You will need a penny and a nickel for each child.
  • You will also need blue and black construction paper, tape and glue.
  • Cut the construction paper in strips. Measure the strips to each child’s index finger on both hands.
  • Once you have the strip measure right, glue it so it fits like a tube over their finger.
  • Tape a penny to the top of the black construction paper tube and the nickel to the blue one.
  • Cut a piece of black construction paper to look like a stovetop hat.
  • Tape it to the top of the penny for Abe’s hat.
  • Now cut a piece of blue construction paper into a triangle.
  • Tape it to the top of the nickel for Washington’s hat.

Slip the tubes over the children’s fingers so that the money faces the inside of their hand.  Now they have puppets to put on a little play about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.  Tell them some facts about each president and explain to them why we celebrate their lives.

This gives your toddler and preschoolers a fun lesson in President’s Day and what it’s all about.  They learn while playing and having fun.  Before you know it they will be telling everyone they know about President’s Day and why it’s so special.  Won’t they all be in awe when their preschooler knows what it’s all about?

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