Toddler Christmas Craft Ideas

This section is full of original toddler Christmas craft ideas. I have thought up and tried out everything here with my 3-year-old son, and other younger toddlers. So enjoy making these priceless items, but remember to start them early, especially if they are to be given as gifts.

None of these creations require any real artistic skills.

What's more, virtually all cost less than the price of going out for coffee.

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Toddler Christmas Craft Ideas
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It's really a tricky question, for any parent of a Toddler. "When should I start the Christmas crafts".

If you start too early, you will have an over excited youngster, bursting for the festive season to begin.

Start too late, then all your craft plans will get caught up with everything else you will need to arrange. Such as a meal planner, Christmas tree, decorations and shopping.

You could always leave the crafting until next year when you will obviously have a lot more time on your hands. We all know that is not going to happen, and you will miss out on a valuable stage in your child's development.

So when is a good time?

I found it best to buy all the supplies as early as possible. Even in the summer months. Then I know everything is ready for when it is needed.

All the messy projects were completed early December as some needed posting. Remember Santa lives far away, so post early.

Then when it was closer to Christmas the not so messy crafts were undertaken, such as making paper chains. Nice clean no mess, well less mess.

A Final Word

Toddlers can be free spirits (translation: Very Messy) when it comes to anything art-related.

Don't let your desire for well-presented gifts and decorations make you overly fussy about having all the right bits stuck in all the right places.

There's plenty of time for that when they grow up!

Just think: would you rather have your toddler produce something pristine that you could buy in a shop, or would you prefer to create something real that any of your relatives can cherish (well, for a while anyway)?

Everything in this section is doable and, let's face it, pretty attractive. The best thing is that is gives you the chance to have some messy fun with your child and save some money on Christmas gifts for Aunty Ida!

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