Learn the Best Way to Help Kids With an Auditory Learning Style

Do you know how to teach reading to a child with an auditory learning style? You can really help your child learn more effectively by understanding how he learns.

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Do any of the below characteristics sound like your child?

Common Characteristics of Auditory Learners:

  • Learns by listening
  • Remembers by talking out loud & often talk to themselves while learning something new
  • Enjoys being read to instead of doing the actual reading
  • Very social and loves to talk about what they’re doing
  • Hums and asks a lot of questions
  • Thinks primarily in words
  • Step-by-step learner
  • Analytical thinker
  • Likes details
  • May need repetition to enforce learning
  • Often doesn’t look at you when you speak
  • Talks a lot and wants to be the center of attention
  • Responds to your tone of voice and the words you say
  • Memorizes by steps, procedures and sequences
  • Likes to be told how they’re doing
  • Often joins in conversations even when they don’t mean to 

Kids with an Auditory learning style are good at the following:

  • Loves to talk and listen
  • Has an excellent memory for names, dates and trivia
  • Usually remembers whatever they’re hearing, especially if it’s in a rhythm or pattern
  • Loves to tell stories and jokes
  • Is good at word games
  • Follows oral directions well
  • Loves to talk on the phone
  • Is good at memorization
  • Usually gets good grades
  • Learns languages easily
  • Is an early bloomer
  • Does well on tests and contests
  • Has good auditory short term memory
  • Knows the words to songs

Auditory learners face challenges with the following:

  • May have difficulty with written instructions and may need things explained verbally
  • Can have trouble reading because they don’t visualize well
  • Less than desirable handwriting
  • Is distracted by sound but music can help block out other distracting noises
  • Tends to makes excuses
  • Can perform poorly on group intelligence tests, yet is very bright
  • Perception of time and space may be off kilter

Teaching Reading Tips: How can you help your child with an auditory learning style?

  • Encourage them to read out loud to you
  • Read out loud and tape sessions for later playback
  • Write sequence of steps to solve a problem and then read the steps out loud
  • Make use of audio books
  • Have them spell out loud instead of always writing the words
  • Play word games together
  • Encourage learning in group settings since this is comfortable for auditory learners
  • Give verbal directions along with written instructions
  • Use learning songs to help teach reading
  • Incorporate music to help child memorize information
  • Provide a quiet place to work so sound is not distracting
  • Use Say-Spell-Say method to teach spelling
  • Use earphones to help cut out distractions and noises
  • Play lots of rhyming and blending games
  • Allow child to think out loud and encourage oral responses
  • Let your child pretend to be the teacher and teach you the information. This way they’re reviewing the information out loud.

What books are best for kids with an auditory learning style?

  • Phonics books
  • Books that rhyme
  • Books that spark discussion
  • See and say books

What are the best games for children with an auditory learning style?

  • Phonics games
  • Rhyming games
  • Blending games
  • Computer games
  • Word games
  • Say and spell games
  • Games where they get to compete
  • Memory games

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