Samuel bible activities

The focus of these Samuel Bible activities is on his childhood years when he came to live in the temple with Eli.

If you would like to do bible crafts related to Hannah’s prayer to God for Samuel, then take a look at my Hannah bible crafts

You and your toddler will explore what it means to hear, listen and obey the Lord in everyday things. You can also do a fun candle craft.

Read the story of how Samuel came to live with Eli in the temple. Continue to read about how God called him when he was sleeping which is found in 1 Samuel 3.

Hearing, Listening, Obeying
Play this listening game with your toddler. Ask them to stay in their room until they hear you calling, tell them to come and find you as soon as they hear your voice.

When they get to you say to them: "You were listening for me, you heard me and you obeyed me when you came straight away." Remind them of the story of Samuel when he ran to Eli, his master, even though it was the early hours of the morning. You can also play the sound games from my toddler sensory activities

Faithfulness in little things
Samuel was an aid to Eli as Eli was an old man with dimmed eyesight. His temple duties would probably have included the opening and shutting of doors, lighting of the 7 branched candle, keeping the olive oil running and other jobs around the temple.

We can teach our toddlers and preschoolers to be faithful in little things when we train them to do their chores correctly. If your toddler is not in the habit of doing chores – even the most simple ones, like cleaning toys or helping with odd jobs – you may experience some objection. Here are some ideas and generic chore charts for young children that you can use to help you.

You may also like to consider this fun child chore program with a simple card and pocket system that we created for our own children.

To remind your toddler about doing their chores with a willing and obedient heart consider this candle craft

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