Thanksgiving Cards Craft

Make these Thanksgiving cards with your children to let family and friends know how much you appreciate them.

Print out the following small pictures onto white paper. Get your toddler to color or paint them in. Cut them out on the frames and stick them onto card stock.

Thanksgiving Cards Idea #1

Let your toddler narrate a thanksgiving message to each member of the family. You can prompt them by saying: “When you think of Daddy, what is the one thing that you are thankful for?” You can then write: “Dear Daddy, I am so thankful that you always play with me in the evening!”

Keep these in a safe place until Thanksgiving Day or post them off to family in other parts of the country.

Card Idea #2
Press some Autumn leaves or flowers and mount them on a block of card stock. On the back of the card write your thanksgiving message.

Card Idea #3
Take a photograph of your toddler dressed in Autumn colors or in a pumpkin field. Stick the developed photo to a folded card. Again use the idea of card #1 for the inside.

Card Idea #4
Use any of the ideas above to make bookmarks for family members which can be left at their place setting on Thanksgiving day.

Card Idea #5
Make place cards for your Thanksgiving meal with your toddler. Take a piece of pale yellow cardstock big enough to fold in half to make a tent. On one side let your toddler make a vegetable print by dipping a cut potato or carrot into some orange paint and then touching it to one of the tent sides a couple of times. When it is dry you can write each persons name onto the card.

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