Growing Carrot Tops

by Jo-anne (Sydney, Australia)

Growing carrot tops.This is the easiest way to show your toddler how things grow - and simple enough that there is almost no mess and can be used to reinforce an ongoing 'garden/growing' theme. Your toddler will be able to do this (almost) completely on their own which gives them a great sense of immediate achievement and ongoing wonder at what happens over the next few days.

A shallow plastic tray
Cotton wool
Carrot tops

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Line the tray with cotton wool. 
Place carrot tops on top.
Pore on slightly more water than the cotton wool can absorb.
Place the tray in a sunny place (window sill is ideal).

Water the carrots each day (just enough to keep the cotton wool soaked but not flooded), talking about the need for plants to have sun and water, then sit back and watch them grow!

Note: They will eventually turn black which is a great time to exchange them for fresh cut carrot tops to keep the little garden growing.

Growing Carrot Tops And More Science

Toddler favorites indoor activities will keep your toddler entertained and happy and provide you with free toddler games.

Toddlers can be easily pleased and will find wonder and amazement in even the smallest of things.

It's up to you to get involved and show enthusiasm, which will help your toddler's attention span, creativity and keep on building on their new found skills.

Cooking can be both fun and educational, and even children as young as two can get involved.

Depending on your toddler's ability let them help by whisking, pouring or kneading the mixture together. Don't worry too much about how the final product will look or even taste, just concentrate on the actual putting it together part.

Name out each ingredient and measure out loud, and choose something that won't take too long to cook and make sure you enjoy your creation together.

Let your toddler put the ingredients into the mixing bowl and talk to them about how the different ingredients feel, and how they change after you add water or milk. Most toddlers will love the stickiness of the mixture.

When attempt a cooking activity with your toddler make sure you have all you need at hand, so that you don't have to leave your toddler on their own for a second. If you do, you will be sure to come back to a mess as those little hand won't be able to resist the temptations in your kitchen.

Cooking together will be a favorite activity for your toddler, it was mine when I was small, and everyone I talk to can remember making cakes and puddings when they small.

The growing carrot tops is a great follow on from Dinner.

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