Preschool Science Activities_Sound

These preschool science activities_sound can help your preschooler to learn about their sense of hearing and how sound travels.

Let your preschooler learn how their ear picks up sound using their own voice, household implements as well as musical instruments.

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preschool science activities_sound


Get your toddler to whisper, shout, sing loud, sing soft, talk in a normal voice. Talk to your toddler with the same directions and ask them which one they liked the most.

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Light and Movement.

Preschool Science Activities_Sound

The ear

Print out this picture of the ear and show it to your preschooler. Explain how the sound from your voice travelled down the little tube and caused the ear drum to vibrate. The ear drum caused the hammer, anvil and stirrup to vibrate and the little nerves in your ear took the sound to their brain to tell them what they heard.


Take out a selection of pots and pan. Also take some wooden spoons, egg whisk and some metal spoons out. Place them on a carpet and let your toddler "‘play drums". Talk about eh different sounds made from the different implements on the pots.

Play a sensory game as described on my toddler sensory activity page relating to sound.

Make a tambourine described on my Passover activities page.

Home made guitar

Make this easy box guitar. You will need: A shoe box, differing widths of elastic bands.

Stretch the elastic bands over the box, working from thickest to thinnest. Let your toddler twang the bands for sound.

Home made shakers

Collect small plastic soda bottles. Quarter fill them with separate portions of dry rice, beans and lentils. Let your preschooler shake them and compare the different sounds.

Educational Music For Toddlers
Sound Is Great For Learning

Educational music game, toys, instruments and CDs are a great way for Toddlers and Preschoolers to develop and learn from listening to music and all sounds.

Listening to music helps toddlers speech and their movement, it also benefits their self-confidence and self-expression, and helps them to listen and concentrate.

Music aids the development of speech, and singing simple songs teaches your child how language is constructed.

Songs or chant repetition can teach your child the basic structure of spoken language.

Music builds their vocabulary and offers children a way to explore a whole range of moods and emotions that they can identify with, but can't put into words.


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