Toddler Crafts
Fun easy ideas
for you and your child

Simple, fun and easy to do toddler crafts for ages up to 3 years

When your children need some indoor fun, try some of these crafts. Be wise in choosing your crafts by assessing your time constraints, clean up and age suitability by looking at the guidelines at the top of each craft page.


"The mother's heart is the child's schoolroom."

Henry Ward Beecher

Set up
1 quick
2 planning required

Clean up
1 quick
2 mess involved

1 12 - 18 months
2 18 - 24 months
3 24 + months

More ideas try


My best selection of toddler crafts

Toddler Seasonal Crafts
This includes general season activities and crafts as well as specific seasons crafts for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

Toddler summer activities
Toddler fall activities
Toddler winter activities
Toddler spring activities

Toddler Holiday Crafts

Christian Easter Crafts for Kids
Christian Christmas Crafts
Passover Activities
Toddler Bible Crafts
Mothers Day Crafts
Fathers Day Crafts
The Bible craft section is already large and grows all the time!

Toddler painting crafts

Paper plate masks
Toddler Painting Crafts
Toddler Craft Books
Toddler Painting Tips

Toddler recycling crafts

Egg carton worm craft
Sock worm craft
Toilet roll butterfly craft
Toddler Box crafts
Sea Anenome Craft
Housekeeping imaginary play
Musical Shaker Craft

General Toddler Crafts

Toddler Interest Books
Toddler Puppet Craft
Toddlers Routine Book and clock

Submit your own original easy toddler crafts and encourage other moms by showing them what you and your toddler have made recently!

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