Toddler Halloween Masks
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Gentle & Non Scary Toddler Halloween Masks, Fun With Your Child

This page shows you how to make more fun things, step by step.

I made frog, Scooby Doo and Tinkerbell masks with my own toddler and 3 other children ranging in age from 3 to 6.

Therefore some of the painting is a bit advanced for younger kids!

This is not a problem as you can easily decorate your child's mask with glitter glue as I did with the flying bat toy

What You Will Need For Your
Toddler Halloween Masks

 *Paper plate

*Craft lolly stick or drinking straw


*Sellotape or sticky tape

*Decorations and glue if needed (glitter, paint, stickers etc)

*Picture of the character you want to use.

How to make the mask

First of all print off the image you want on the mask. Of course if you can draw, go ahead and create your own design. Or you can cut a picture out of a colouring book. Why not use a picture from a magazine and decorate it.

Next, stick the picture onto your plate and decorate any way you like.

Now it's time to attach the lolly or drinking straw to the back of the plate using sellotape or sticky tape.

It's best to do this part on your own. Trying to involve your toddler in this could well lead to an Oscar winning tantrum!

And there you have it - these toddler Halloween masks are obviously very simple and I have not even attempted to create something you attach to your child's face.

This is because some children of this age will point blank refuse to wear a traditional mask.

With this version, you and your tot can play games like peek-a-boo. As you can see from the materials, it's not really a mask that should be worn.

Other Masks

It's not long til Christmas - so don't forget to check out similar Christmas masks and other Yuletide crafts in the Xmas crafts section

The Most Important Bit Of Toddler Halloween Advice You'll Ever Get...Gently Does It Get too much into the Halloween spirit and you risk frightening your little one. It's easy to forget that ghosts, witches and the cast of Thriller can be a scary prospect for any toddler.

This is something you need to think about - whatever you are planning for October 31st. There is advice on all the pages in this section to make the bewitching hour as gently enchanting as possible for any young child.

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