Smart Cycle Toy - New This Year
By Fisher-Price Think & Learn Range

Smart Cycle Toy From Fisher Price. Check Out This Must-Have Toy From The "Think & Learn" Range Below

Learning is different for kids today. They’re more inquisitive than ever before and they want to examine their environment. They want to know how things operate and with the Think & Learn Smart Cycle, they’ll have their need to explore met along with plenty of learning fun and physical activity. 

This toy lets them understand the basic concept of bringing ideas to fruition - so they’ll discover how different things operate. While kids are naturally curious, which makes them great early learners, they like to have fun and play, too.

So when you combine a toy that gives them all of that, they pick up things quickly through active learning while playing. The cycle gives them skills they’ll need to build a solid foundation. 

The Smart Cycle Toy Covers Learning, Fun & More
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They’ll learn critical thinking skills as well as imaginative play. Plus, they’ll get a leg up on communication and sharing as well as the basic platform for reading, understanding math and writing skills. 

The Cycle gives children 3 ways to learn while playing as they ride the toy. There is a Mission to Tech City app that you can download and there’s also a driving game. Kids will peddle and steer the bike through the different game apps. 

The bike can be used with their tablet or with the television. The games help kids with learning letters and spelling as well as phonics as they play because the games are designed to give your child the skills he’ll need for a head start in school. 

There’s a letters and phonics game that teaches the kids to locate the first letter of the object that appears on their screen. As your child learns the words, he’ll be introduced to words on a new level, which will improve his learning.

He can finish sentences or play the Match-a-Word game. In one game, kids get to man a drone so that they can pick up syllables or drop a beach ball to be able to spell out words. 

As they’re learning, you’ll hear your child often sounding out words and making the sounds for different letters. The bike has an adjustable seat so it can fit taller children. The handlebars are movable so that they can steer through the different courses on the driving mode. 

There is a joystick in the center console. The bike securely fits into both a wide front and rear base for stability while it’s in use. With the three ways to learn on this toy, children can race through the courses, play the learning games or they can drive. 

The more time they spend pedaling, the more new and fun things they get to learn. The bike is made of steel construction, so it’ll hold up to whatever a young child dishes out during play. 

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