Church As A Body Craft

This church as a body craft is a great way to teach toddlers about teamwork and their role in the family.

Paul uses the analogy that the church is like a body. Each part has a specific God given role to play.

You will need: butchers paper or a large piece of cardboard, felt tip pens, scissors.

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Lay the paper out on the floor. Ask you toddler to lie down on the paper on their back. Trace around your toddler’s body with a pen. Together “dress” the outline with other colours. Don’t be too fussy. If the pens prove to be too much of a challenge you can paint it too.

When you are done, cut out the body shape. Go through each body part with your toddler explaining in a little detail what each part can do. Ask them for things that their feet, hands, eyes etc can do.

Once you are done, cut up the body into major sections like head, arms, trunk, legs and then get your toddler to use it like a puzzle.

Warning My one child was very upset when suggested that we cut up his paper person…so be sure to let your toddler know what you are going to do and if it is stressful for them, rather leave it whole.

As you work with this craft, talk to your toddler about the role they play in the home. Also talk about how the believers in Jesus all have a role to play – some to encourage, some to be missionaries, some to help the sick etc.

Now would be a good time to introduce your toddler to doing chores around the house if you haven’t already. There are many things you can encourgae them to do as your work alongside each other cleaning their room, working in the garden and cleaning your home. Be sure to check out my other site and the pages dedicated to children’s chores

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