Teaching Reading Strategies Every Parent Must Know to Give Their Kids
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It’s important to develop teaching reading strategies before you begin to teach your child to read. Strategies for teaching reading will depend on many factors such as your child’s age, learning style, and personality.

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It used to be the norm to wait until children reached their school years to start teaching them to read. Of course we know better now and understand the many benefits of reading aloud to our kids - as early as in the womb.

Of course you won’t use the same methodology for teaching a toddler that you would a 2nd grader. Also, every child learns at different rates so you have to adjust your plan based on YOUR child’s needs and learning capacity.

The basic teaching reading strategies are the same regardless of age:

  • Be engaged with your child. Teaching reading should not be delegated solely to the schools
  • Make reading a fun and satisfying experience for your kids
  • Determine what areas your child needs help with, if any – what reading skills should you focus on? Decoding, comprehension, self esteem, attention span, lack of interest?
  • Help your children find the best books with subjects that interest and stimulate them
  • Get help for struggling readers who are not progressing with your teaching guidance alone
  • Make sure you understand the Do's and Don'ts of teaching reading to children.

In addition to these general teaching reading strategies, there are more specific teaching methods that can be very helpful when categorized by age group.

You want to understand the special developmental needs of your child and then utilize the best resources and tools for that particular stage of development. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t fit 100% into one developmental category – all kids are unique and may develop at their own speed.

As a parent who wants the best for your child, can you answer the following questions?

  • Do you know when to start reading to your child?
  • Do you know what reading skills your child should be accomplishing?
  • Do you know how to prevent reading difficulties?
  • Do you know how to recognize when there’s a problem?
  • Do you know what kind of books to look for?

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