Isaac Crafts

Isaac crafts for simple easy fun learning at home. Use this Bible story to teach your toddler about faith, trust and putting God first.

Isaac learnt at a young age that nothing should come before God. He also saw how God provides for those who love Him.

These Isaac crafts can help you teach your toddler this story. Isaac also had a trust relationship with his father, and he knew that if Dad could trust God, then he would too.

My favourite things poster

You will need:
Colored cardstock
Old magazines
Old photos

Look through the magazines and photos and make a collage of the things that your toddler loves. Talk about how much God loves them and loves giving them the things they enjoy.

Mention also that these things can never take the place of God in our lives. He comes first.

Isaac Crafts Try This Trust game

Play one of these trust game with your toddler.

Tell your toddler that you are going to blindfold them and take them for a walk around the house. They need to trust you because at the end is a special surprise. You can choose the surprise – it may be a little tea with pretty treats laid out or a new story book or coloring in book.

Tell your toddler that you are going to catch them. Ask them to stand with their back to you and fold their hands over their chest. They must just fall backwards into your arms.

These two activities may not be easy for your toddler, so do not push to do them unless they are ready.

Afterwards talk about how Isaac had to trust both God and Abraham.


Faith is a tricky thing to teach to a little one. But God says that we should have faith like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven so perhaps it’s trickier for our adult intellects to grasp it than a child!

Perhaps the easiest way to explain this concept is that as Abraham and Isaac prepared the altar there was no ram in the bushes… but when it was needed it appeared.

Tell your toddler that while we cannot see Jesus we know that He gave his life and in faith we walk with Him as he leads us daily.

Print out this ram coloring page and write the following scripture above it:

Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is being sure of what you hope for, and certain of what we do not see"

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