The Pie Face Sky High Game
One Of The Must Have Fun Games

The Pie Face game started the fun with its table edition of this game. Now the laugh out loud fun continues with the stand up version of the same game. This popular game has a new twist. 

This latest version gives players the same kind of game play that they’d get from one of those “test your strength” games at a fair. The act of testing their strength is what will send a hand smack filled with whipped cream right into the face of the other player. 

The game is pretty tall for a stand up game. Once it’s put together, the height of it equals more than 3 feet. Playing the game is just as easy as playing the first edition. One of the players will stand and put his face through the mask.

Review; The Pie Face Sky High Game

He’ll do this while facing forward. The mask is bright and colorful and protects the child’s hair and clothing so that’s a nice benefit. The goal for the other player is to whack the base of the game with the hammer with enough force so that it sends the pie right into the face of the player who’s standing up. 

What makes the game challenging is that there are different levels that can be set to change how easy or difficult the game is. This adjustment is what makes the game a hit - not only with children, but with adults as well. 

The game score is figured based on how many times you give the standing player a face full of “pie.” The first player to score three direct hits wins the game. It’s not really pie that’s used to smack the players in the face and there are good reasons for this. 

The Pie Face Sky High Game

One, because a pie would be too heavy to sit on the smacking hand. You’d never be able to get the hand to lift with the weight of a pie on it. Second, using whipped cream is less messy and a lot softer to take a hit to the face with. 

You will have to buy the whipped cream in a can to use for playing the game since that’s not included. What is included is the spinner. This spinner has numbered spaces and is color coded. 

The numbers tell the players how many chances they get to swing the hammer. The colors let them know which level to set for difficulty. The hammer is made of plastic and when it hits the base hard enough, it makes the throwing arm snap up with a face full of “pie” for the other player. 

The set includes the base, 4 track pieces, 1 sliding disk, the throwing arm and pie hand, a chin rest, the face guard mask and the splash guard side panels and instructions. The game is for 2 players. Though it says adult assembly required, an older child can easily put this game together because the pieces just slide right into position without any tools needed. 

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