Mothers Day Fathers Day
Crafts and Activities For Both

Happy Mothers Day Fathers Day

Kids love to share the love with Mom and Dad on their special days. Here are some craft and activity ideas for your young children to try. To help make their Parent's day just as special as they are.

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Mothers Day Fathers Day
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Mom & Dad Rock! Paper Weights

Here’s a perfect gift for your preschoolers to make for their mommy and daddy. It’s a paperweight that exclaims how cool Mom and Dad are!


  • Smooth rock about the size of a fist (one for each child)
  • Soapy water and a scrub brush
  • Paint brush
  • Acrylic paint
  • Black Sharpie
  • Optional: Clear coat spray paint
  • Glitter pens

Prior to creating this gift, the rocks will need to be washed and dried. You can have the children do this or you can clean each child’s rock the night before.

Once it’s good and dry, paint the rock all over with one color acrylic paint.  You may want to apply a second coat once the first has dried if the color didn’t completely cover the rock.

After the second coat (or first if not applying a second) is dried thoroughly, you can glitter the rock with glitter paint or speckle it by lightly tapping a paintbrush with a different colored paint over the rock.

Have the children write “Dad Rocks”, “Mom Rocks” or “You Rock” on their paperweight with the glitter pen. Allow the rocks to dry overnight. If the child is unable to do something so fiddly, then you write the words in glue, and the youngster simply sprinkles glitter on top of the glue.

The next day you can outline the writing with a black marker.

Optional: You can spray the paperweight with a clear coat paint to keep it from peeling and to make it last alot longer. But this would have to be an age appropriate activity

Tip: If this is a preschool project; when you send the paperweights home, you may want to place them in a small bag to keep the glitter from getting all over everything in the children’s book bags.

Keep this little craft project in mind for every occasion. Eventually you could have a whole display of love.

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