Jesus Miracle Activities

Use these Jesus miracle activities to teach your toddler about the power of God found in Jesus, the Son.

Water into wine activities
Use this story to teach your toddler about obedience and kindness with extension activities for fun and to learn about grapes.

Healing the sick

Use these activities to teach your toddler about first aid, empathy and caring for the sick.

More Jesus Miracle Activities

Raising the dead

Use this craft to help your toddler understand the power of God as Jesus raised people from the dead.

Multiplying food

Enjoy some cooking activities with your toddler using these Jesus miracle activities based around his multiplying the fishes and loaves.


There are many stories in the Bible where fish were involved in Jesus’ miracles. This fisher of men craft will illustrate some of them.

Walking on water

Use the amazing story about Jesus walking on the water to help your toddler understand about buoyancy and density as well as having faith in Jesus.

Forgiveness of sins

The most amazing miracle of all is that Jesus forgave our sins. Use this craft to teach your toddler about Jesus’ love for them and how He was willing to die for their sins.

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