Earth Day Crafts and Activities

Earth Day crafts and activities are such fun for kids. Teach Children about the Earth and introduce some recycling and environmentalism while remainingage appropriate.

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Find Inspiration for Earth Day Crafts and Activities

Get Inspiration For Your Earth Day Crafts From The Local Zoo. Or Simply Make Your Own Zoo.

Celebrate Earth Day with the Zoo

We celebrate Earth Day on April 22.  This is a special day to show our appreciation for our earth and all it has to offer us.  Preschoolers, toddlers and small children need to learn early about our earth, how precious it is and what makes it that way.

One way to celebrate and learn about Earth day is by taking a trip to the zoo.  Now you may not have a zoo close by or even be able to take your Children on a trip to the zoo but you can bring the zoo to them right in your home.

Find stuffed animals that represent the different animals found in a zoo.  Look at the dollar store, rummage sales or even ask friends to bring stuffed animals they may have at home.  Try to get as many different animals as you can find.  This will help create a more realistic zoo.

Use cardboard to make your zoo areas.  You can draw on the cardboard to duplicate the habitat of different animals. Some animals live in trees, some in the desert, and some in grass or high weeds and so on.  It doesn’t have to be fancy just enough so the children get the drift of how these animals live.  Place your animals around the room as they might be found in a zoo atmosphere. We found using the reverse side of cereal boxes great, as they have the strength to stand.

Find books that talk about the different animals and how they affect our earth.  Point out each animal in your make believe zoo.  Have the children discuss what they know about each animal and their environment. The younger the child, the less the knowledge. It will reflect them and what they do each day. Eat, drink, sleep, toilet and family.

Let the kids walk around the zoo.  They can talk to each other about the animals and feel as if they are really right at the zoo.  Just let them enjoy their little trip, even if imaginary.  Top the day off with a snack of popcorn and peanuts.  No trip to the zoo is complete without those snacks.

Giving your young children an idea of why Earth Day is so important can only start them on the right track of doing their part to help our earth continue to prosper.  Showing them why animals are so important to this is one way of letting them know everything has a purpose on our great earth.

It is also a great time to start why rubbish should be put in its rightful place. Why birds would think discarded gum is food, or become entangled in wire.

Plants are an Important Part of Earth Day

For Earth Day Crafts And Activities, Show Your Young Children That Not All Seeds Are The Same.

Plants are a very important part of keeping our earth healthy.  Children love to learn about plants, flowers and even trees. It peaks their interest and they want to know we have them. Earth Day is a great day to talk to your preschoolers and toddlers about our earth and the necessity for all the plants we have in our world.

Enjoy the Seasons With Earth Day Crafts;

Use books to help explain to the children about different plants.  There are many types of books that have pictures of different plants and explain them in very simple detail.  You may think your children aren’t interested in seeing a plant but they are.  They watch Mom and Dad in the garden or planting flowers and they want to know why.  Books can help them to understand the why.

Earth Day Crafts. Let Your Children Plant A simple Seed. The Super Easy Growers Would Include Watercress, Sunflower Seeds Or Even A Carrot Top.

Take them outside and point out the different types of plants, flowers and trees.  Not only will they get a kick out of seeing these but they may find things that are a surprise. Like a squirrel in a tree or a worm in the grass.  This will definitely peak their interest and will start the questions rolling.

Help them to plant their own plant.  It doesn’t take much. A Styrofoam cup, some dirt and a few seeds are all they need.  Show them how to fill their cup with the dirt. Talk to them about how the dirt is important for the seeds to root and grow.  Find a book that shows how the plant progresses from start to finish.  These pictures will give them an idea of what they can expect as their plants grow.

Let them plant their own seeds in the dirt.  Walk them through how to place the seed in the dirt and push it down so it can get the nutrients it needs to begin to grow.  Help them water their plant and let them know it’s necessary to continue to water their plant if they want it to grow into a pretty flower.  As the plants grow talk to them about what stages they are in and how the plant will bud and then finally be a flower.

For Earth Day Crafts And Activities. Let Your Young Children Watch And Measure Their Seedlings As They Grow.

Kids may act like they don’t care about the world around them especially that plant growing in the window.  In reality it does peak their interest and they do want to understand why they are important.  If nothing else they want to know how to make those flowers grow so they can give Mom that pretty bouquet to set on the table.  Teaching them the significance of plants to our earth at an early age will insure they are responsible in helping to keep our earth alive and healthy forever.

So Have a Happy Earth Day 
Remember 22nd April

No Time For Happy Earth Day Crafts. No Problem... Try These Simple Ideas...

Show Your Young Children That Everyday Is Earth Day

Try to encourage your young child to reuse as many bits of rubbish before it hits the bin. For example;

  • Vegetable plastic trays, reuse as storage for crayons and pens. Or place in the fridge to put small jars in. This will prevent the fridge shelf from becoming sticky. 
  • Save all the bits of broken crayons, and make a crayon bun.. Read More.

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