Homemade Christmas Present Ideas

Are you looking for original homemade Christmas present ideas? To Make With - Or For - Your Toddler

This page has some great suggestions for low-cost but attractive gifts.

I have divided them into

  • Gifts you can make with your toddler
  • Gifts you can make for your toddler

Homemade Christmas Present Ideas,
Gifts To Make With Your Toddler

Getting your child involved in making Christmas or birthday presents gives them an opportunity to contribute to the present. This is good for the toddler, and more meaningful for the person receiving the gift. 


This hand or foot print calendar is the ideal gift for relatives. You can't go wrong with hand and foot prints, and getting your child involved makes it extra special - and all for less than the cost of a coffee out!

Follow the link for this step-by-step guide, which explains when foot prints work better than hand.

Gift In A Cracker

I originally devised this as a tree ornament, but it struck me that because it is not a real cracker (ie empty), it would also make an unusual way to wrap a gift.

If you are looking to save money on presents this year, thoughtful and imaginative gift wrapping is a great way to achieve the Wow! factor.

How to make the cracker: go to the page on homemade Christmas cracker decorationsfor full instructions.

What to put in your Cracker Gift:

  • Rolled up lunch/dinner invite
  • Tiny homemade cupcakes
  • Pot pourri

When making the cracker, you might want to replace the toilet roll tube with a kitchen roll tube, to get more goodies inside!

Gifts To Make For Your Toddler

One of the most wonderful things about toddlers is that they are not yet consumers. If they happen to see a toy commercial, they just look at it with detached interest, rather than the I want, I want whine of older kids.

Here's a shocking idea: Save the expensive, elaborate gifts for later on when peer pressure will be bearing down on your child like a freight train.

Toddlers really don't care if you spend next to nothing on presents for them. The grand opening - ripping off the wrapping paper - is just as exciting as the toy itself.

My favourite of out of all the homemade Christmas present ideas is the toy car/tunnel track. If you want to improve what it looks like, you can build it on a secure base, paint it and stick the various parts together more securely than I did when I made it for my son.

You can also give your toddler some stickers and pictures to decorate it himself.

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