Homemade Toy Racetrack & Tunnel Run

This Homemade toy Racetrack Was Made From Household Throw Aways

Do you want to give your toddler a homemade racetrack ? Then no problem.

I made this one pictured, on a recession-proof budget, i.e. cost-free.

All in all it took me about 30 minutes.

It is a great rainy day activity, and surprisingly good for toddler development through various problem solving skills that are involved.

See below for more on this.

So What Will I Need To Make My Own Homemade Toy Racetrack And Tunnel?

This toy costs nothing - you only need to collect various used household items such as:

  • Fruit or vegetable box free from the supermarket
  • Kitchen roll tube
  • Toilet roll tubes
  • Old jigsaw box
  • Cornflakes boxes
  • Juice/milk tetra pack cartons
  • Dishwasher tablet box
  • Yogurt pot
  • Iron Supplement box

You will also need parcel tape or sellotape for any parts that need to be joined together (I must stress that this is not a durable toy - so just stick the relevant parts together with a little tape).

Here's how I put the toy race track and tunnel run together. The upturned fruit box was the base for 2 racetracks and tunnels runs which branched out off each side:

Race Track 1 As Pictured Above

The racetrack was the most successful part of the whole construction – my toddler played with it for ages. The parcel tape makes a surprisingly strong race track, and being smooth and shiny it’s perfect for toy cars to get some speed up.

Race Track 2

This racetrack worked better than it looked – the blue box on the floor had an open end so the toy tank could speed out of the end.

Tunnel Run 1

Here I taped the kitchen roll in place on both ends – otherwise it tends to move around. Toddlers like things to be in the right place and can get bizarrely upset if the parts move around when they shouldn't. Just because you are creating a homemade toy racetrack doesn't mean it can't be secure.

Tunnel Run 2

It’s hard to see in the picture, but I cut a big section out of the yogurt pot, allowing the car to fly through the end of the tunnel run.

Why This Is A Good Toddler Developmental Toy

What I discovered when I made this is that the racetrack and tunnel run is a good developmental toy. My son kept trying to fit oversized cars into the (too) narrow tunnels. Having to choose vehicles that fit made him really think about what he was doing. He was far more engaged than if he had been playing with a ready-made racetrack that comes with racing cars of the correct size. You can create infinite variations of the homemade toy racetrack. Don’t try to plan it out – I made it up as I went along, and had a lot more fun this way.

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