Homemade Santa Mask

To Make With Your Toddler

This Santa mask is an easy and fun Christmas craft project to do with your toddler. It can also double as a puppet, depending on the age of the child.

I made this Father Christmas mask with my 3-year-old son.

It is also suitable for 2-year-olds. As you can see from the photos, my son's friend - who had just turned 2 - also joined in.

The idea of a mask was completely new to her, but she took part quite happily and got a lot out of the session.

What You Will Need To Make Your Own Santa Mask

  • 19cm diameter paper plate
  • Drinking straw
  • Printout of Santa picture (see below)
  • PVA water base glue and sticky tape
  • Cotton wool
  • Glitter (sprinkle tubes avoid mini avalanches - see below)


Before you and your tot make the mask, prepare your materials.

Print off the Santa picture. Go to coloring-page.net to download the Father Christmas image.

Draw round the picture using the plate. Cut out the circle and glue it to the plate. Glue around the edge of the upside of the plate - this way the paper will stick smoothly across it.

Decorating The Mask

Now help your toddler to decorate the mask.

Beard Put the glue on the beard part of the face - older toddlers will want to help or do this themselves. Stick cotton wool on.

Hat Glue glitter to the hat, either all over or in shapes. It is best to use tubes of glitter that you sprinkle, rather than with a simple cap that allows the glitter to pour out in a mini avalanche of craft mess/stress.

Look around your nearest craft outlet for extra things to decorate the mask even more. I found the Pound/Dime stores great, to keep the cost of toddler crafting down. The silver ball on the end of this hat came in a pack of 10.

Experiment with other Christmas characters - see if you can make a reindeer or elf mask!

I ended up buying a plastic set of drawers on wheels, to hold all of the art and craft equipment. It saved so much time, with both setting up and putting away. I also used it as a carrot. So that my toddler can see what we will be doing once he had taken a nap, or eaten all his lunch, or come back from shopping.

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