Fussy Eaters; Toddler Food

Either you have fussy eaters, or you know a mom who does. This is one area of parenting a toddler that can bring a grown woman to her knees. Here are some tips for dealing with a toddler who fusses at meal times.

If you have fussy eaters there are two primary things to deal with: your attitude and your toddlers. A parent who insist in getting into a food battle by making a toddler finish everything on their plate, or eating foods that you know they gag on, will be setting themselves up for a fall.

Firstly, then, assess your own mindset when it comes to your toddler and food.

There is also no need to prepare elaborate "toddler type" meals when the food that you eat are full of fresh fruit and vegetables and wholefoods.

Generally moms who slave over food presentation for toddlers end up frustrated when their toddler turns their nose up to the plate of food presented to them. Stay with simple healthy recipes for your child.

When you have the right mindset, you can then address your fussy eater with patience and understanding.

Here Are Some Tips For Fussy Eaters

  • As mentioned above, keep the food simple and whole.
  • Eat together as much as possible.
  • Allow your older toddler to feed themselves with a spoon or finger foods
  • Introduce new foods often and over again for them to get used to different tastes, textures and colors.
  • When they are older, let them be involved in preparing of their meal
  • Don't get into the habit of offering alternatives if your toddler rejects the meal. They will not starve themselves.
  • Do not serve puddings each evening or use it as a bribe to get your child to eat their main meal.
  • Sneak vegetables, like courgette and carrots, into meals by grating them finely and adding it to bolognaise type sauces.

If your child is a happy eater and all of a sudden turns fussy, then you can be sure something is up! Either their food needs are slowing for a period, or they are brewing an illness. Never make a fuss over them not eating or try to force feed your child, this will truly have the opposite effect to the one you desire - a healthy happy toddler.

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