Toddler Box Crafts

A variety of toddler box crafts for your child to play make believe.

Save you boxes from appliance purchases or you can plan to specifically pick up one from the grocery store next time you shop.

Let your youngster enjoy the painting of these toddler box crafts with you. To prevent mess let your toddler where just a nappy (if warm) or cover them with an old T-shirt. If painting inside put down old newspaper first or if a sunny day, paint it on the grass outside where you can just hose down the lawn afterwards.

(Guidelines 2-2-1+)

More Toddler Box Crafts

Box Car

You will need: Fairly large box, 5 paper plates, paint, kiddies plastic chair, empty toilet roll, black and red paint, glue, scissors.

Place your box with the sealed side on the ground. Cut off the 4 flaps. In one side cut a door by cutting down to the ground level and across the fold. Fold this back and forth a few times to make it flexible.

Paint 4 paper plates in black paint and the box in red. Allow to dry.

When dry, glue or staple the 4 paper plates as wheels on the two side of the box.

Place the kiddie chair in the box. For your steering wheel attach the last white paper plate to the front inside of the car.

Let you little one give his/her toys “drives” around the house.

Box Stove

You will need: Medium box, white paint, red paint, scissors. Seal you box so that it is a cube. Paint your box white. When the box is dry paint 4 stove plates with red on one side. Purchase some kiddies plastic pots and pans and let your toddler enjoy “making food”.

Our children used to make mud concoctions with water and leaves…great fun!

Box House

If you are fortunate to have an old large appliance box available from a fridge or stove purchase you can make a secret house for your toddler.

Cut out a door and two windows. Make sure you only cut on three sides as half the fun is the opening and closing of the cut outs.

Place a small kiddies table (or use another smaller box) and some chairs in there.

When we did this with our children years ago they also chose to have a bed in there and had their nap there after they had enjoyed their lunch at the table.

NOTE perhaps it would be a good time to instruct your child about safety around old fridges. Remind them never to get inside something and shut a door behind them. There have been terrible incidences where toddler and young children have suffocated from this action.

Box Tunnel

If you can get hold of a few same sized boxes make this fund tunnel as a box craft to encourage your toddler to crawl. Crawling even up until the primary school years is an important developmental skill.

Open up bottom and top of the box. Tape them with packaging tape to make a long tunnel. If your toddler is a bit wary at first to crawl through, make sure they can see you on the other side or have a favourite treat or toy waiting for them.

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