Toddler Travel Games

Toddler travel games - Taking long distance trips can be trying on a toddler. These tips and games can help to win you a few moments.

Your toddler can have a stock or board books to look through.

Spot the…? Look for things inside and outside the car.

Action songs – choose ones that are don’t need the whole body to be moved.

Toddler finger plays are great too. Download a free 16 page booklet of fingerplays here.

Singing together – the ABC song and other favourites

Counting things – fence posts, cows, birds red cars, green cars, yellow cars, you get the idea?

Print out some coloring pages and clip them to a board. Let you toddler color them in with wind up wax crayons for less mess.

Threading is a great way to pass the time but only give your child beads to thread if you are guaranteed that they will not put them in their mouth.

Pack snacks into little containers for your toddler to open throughout the trip.

Twisting colored pipe cleaners into shapes is fun too!

One year we gave our 2 year old a box of circular stickers which he stuck all over his legs! LoL!

Toddler Travel Games Helper

Story felt boards are a hit! We liked the Postman Pat and Thomas the Tank Engine ones best, but choose one that your toddler is familiar with.

Story tapes are a win!

Collect some 500ml clear cool drink bottles. Buy some small erasers with designs on as well as some small farm animals and dinosaurs. Put them in the bottle then fill the bottle with wheat or bird seed. Glue the top on so that your toddler cannot open the bottle. They can twist and turn the bottle to find the items hidden in the bottle.

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