Toddler Food Allergies

Toddler food allergies and food intolerance's can show up quite early in a little ones life, even as early as when they are nursing babies. Here are some tips to help you plan your toddler's meals around basic food allergies and intolerance's.

Whether it is eczema, asthma or lactose intolerance these things may even show up in you or a grandparent which will warn you ahead of time that your children may have this problem.

If there is a history of allergies to things like gluten, milk, nuts, shellfish or eggs, it is best to keep your toddler away from these foods completely until after 12 months of age under your pediatricians guidance.

If there is no history of food allergies, then here are some simple tips:
~Don’t give your toddler wheat based foods until after 7 months.
~Avoid eggs until after 12 months.
~Stay away from honey until after 12 months to avoid the rare but serious infant botulism.
~High fibre cereals are harsh on a young digestive system. Stay away from then until after 12 months.
~Stay away from shellfish until after 2 years old and permanently if there is a history of shellfish allergies.

How do you know if your toddler has a food allergy or intolerance?

These are two different things. Toddler food allergies are specific whereas a food intolerance is simply a case where a type of food does not suit their body. Allergies produce symptoms such as headaches, rash, and indigestion to vomiting, swelling around the face or mouth or diarrhea.

Our one son had a severe allergy to fish and had to have an antihistamine with him for most of his young years. Allergies are not something you take a chance with, but they do show up early on and in the beginning stages the symptoms are much milder that an ignored allergy. If you suspect an allergy, make sure you see your pediatrician as soon as possible.

Food intolerance's are generally outgrown with time if you remove the offending foodstuff from your toddler’s diet. However in some cases, like gluten and lactose, these can stay with your child for life and you will need to tailor their foods to exclude these items.

Please make sure that you never do a "food challenge" to determine toddler food allergies and intolerance's without your pediatricians help.

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