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Special diets for toddlers are sometime necessary if their parents are vegetarians, vegans or fruitarians.

Here are some ideas for toddlers who are part of a vegetarian family.

It is highly recommended that parents who are vegans or fruitarians seek the help of a professional dietician who can help them plot out a food plan for their family. These highly restrictive diets can cause diet deficiencies in growing toddlers.

Vegetarian toddlers however are able to get all the nutrients they need when a parent plans wisely. Here are some basic guidelines:

A whole food diet is imperative for a vegetarian toddler. Plant foods are high in fibre but are low in fat which means that you need to include healthy fat and oil choices in your toddler’s diet. These can be found in soya and dairy products as well as nut and seed pastes, avocado pears and butter.

Protein is another concern for the vegetarian toddler. As the majority of people get more than enough protein from animal sources you will need to include eggs, cheese, nut and seed pastes and legumes like lentils and beans.

Iron, which is found in ample quantities in red meat, can found in food combinations like a whole grain cereal like raw oats eaten with chopped fresh fruit. Vitamin C rich foods need to be eaten with iron rich vegetables and grains.

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