Musical Shaker Craft

This easy musical shaker craft is a great way to combine three activities in one - use up an old soda bottle, do a craft with your toddler and introduce music to your child.

Musical Shaker Craft
Soda Bottle Craft

Make these easy rice/grain rattles for your music times:

You will need:
2 - 4 250ml soda bottles with lids (washed and dry)
A variety of grains - different sizes make different sounds.
Duct tape and craft glue.

Remove the label from your bottles. Fill each bottle with about 100ml of grain. Put some glue around the inside thread of the lid, screw it on the bottle. Place a thing strip of duct tap around the section where the lid joins the bottle.

This is to prevent your toddler taking the lid off and eating the uncooked grains. Please remember that little ones can choke very easily and this precaution is in place to protect them.

Keep these shakers along with your other musical instruments in a safe place.

To prevent boredom, don't leave them out all the time.

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