Toddler Toys Storage Tips

These toddler toys storage tips will help you organize your toddler's toys.

Whether you have boys or girls there will always be a need for containers for children’s toys which break into small bits. Examples are Lego, Meccano, Duplo, Polly Pockets and others.

Some cheap options for organizing Toddler Toys

Large empty, clean ice cream containers. You can write the name of the toy that belongs on the side of the container in a permanent marker. For non readers, cut out a picture from the box the toy came in and stick it on the side.

Many grocery stores have specials where you can buy a selection of plastic containers of different sizes for a reasonable price. Try and choose ones that are transparent at the bottom. This helps to identify which toys belongs in which box.

While we have a toy trunk I must say that it is one item of furniture which has the ability to get out of hand the quickest. It is so easy to just lift the lid and turf any loose items on the floor inside it. It then is a big mission to tidy.

Shoe boxes – Don’t throw away shoe boxes, use them for storage and or make dolls beds.

Use a plastic mesh baskets for bath toys that can suction to the bathroom wall tiles.

Place attractive wicker or material baskets in each room for quick pick up as toys undoubtedly get left lying around.

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